Journey of Seven Circles

One spell to change everything.  A wizard of immense power, Kryn Darien stands ready to cast the greatest spell he has ever conceived, one that will alter the fate of the universe but cost nothing less than his life.  He’s prepared for centuries, forged tools of terrifying arcane might, developed his craft beyond what any other mortal has achieved, and yet the task before him is so monumental his many sacrifices may be in vain.

As a young priest, Kryn never imagined such responsibility would fall to him.  He only wished to live a life in service to those he loved.  But the world is more complicated than he believed.  War, death, loss, and betrayal strain his dedication to the utmost, and his vows will demand a price far more dear than he ever dreamed.

Throughout Kryn’s journey he must survive bloody battlefields, thwart murderous magic wielders, and uncover a secret older than humankind.  His life will offer no easy choices, and his enemies are steeped in godlike power.  But Kryn has never been able to turn away from those in need, even if it costs him everything.

Ebook $6.99

Paperback 12.99 

Laminate Hardback 21.99

Jacketed Hardback 24.99